Invisible Roses

A site-specific work for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s 50th Anniversary

Your performance was full-blown and memorable.

- Lynne Warren

  Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 


Handed a map to the performance, museum patrons unfold the paper, noting it is blank other than a simple instruction to “locate roses.” They begin a sort of scavenger hunt in the museum, with fresh sod squishing underfoot welcoming them to a display of a thousand roses…. those rose petals unlock the real, previously invisible map to the performance. During the cousre of the work, sensory illusionist and magician Jeanette Andrews leads the audience in a series of illusions, magic, experiments. The scent of wet dirt imbues audience members with magical powers, and viewers use a single piece of fabric to create the impossible… For this work, Andrews returned to the Museum of Contemporary Art with a site-specific performance exploring concepts of certainty and being hidden in plain sight. Responding to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s fabric wrapping of the MCA’s building in 1969, Andrews’ series of mysterious installations and interactive performances serve as a celebration of the museum’s future. ©

Jeanette's graceful sleight of hand is equal parts mystifying and alarming. How something so slippery and illusory can happen within arms reach of your watchful eye is truly remarkable.

- Jason Pickleman

  Owner/Curator, Lawrence & Clark Gallery, Chicago


Photos: Michael Sullivan (On the Real Film) with additional images from Catherine Miller

Video: Justin Leyba (The Control Room)

Special Thanks to: Caryn & Mike Andrews, Ann Meisinger, January Parkos Arnall, Abraham Ritchie, Amanda Abernathy, Aubrey Ainsworth, Benjamin Barnes, Eric Andrews, Ethan Schleeter, Heather Miller, Kristen Kaniewski, Jeffrey O’Malley, Joshua Adam Rupp & Ashley Ann Rupp, Lorenzo Conte, Luciano Ristori, Molly Steere, Rick Ekelof, Will Rogers, and Central Sod Farms, Inc.

In Memory of Eugene Burger & Jason McNinch